SOft CRM is a Customer Relationship Management, Sales Force, Contact Management, Customer Service and Marketing CRM software application. It helps Organization optimize contacts to sell more and grow their business. Soft CRM application is a powerful B2C and B2B sales management app, hosted in the cloud on and Supports all browsers, iPads, iPhones and most mobile devices.

Features includes:
• Easy to use interface
• Modular, customizable widgets
• Flexible search and sort capabilities
• Import your contacts, capture them directly from the web,
• Streamlined data entry form
• Record contacts’ social media and keep up with them in real time
• Quickly and easily schedule Actions to be completed
• Actions can be associated with specifics contacts, sales,
• Easy to create sales opportunities, assign them to users, and associate them with contacts and/or accounts
• Documents allow for HTML formatting and exporting
• Application wide Chat allows for users to communicate in real time
• Specially designed mobile application designed for ease of use
• Customizable user profiles which allow for profile pictures as well of a variety of appearance customization for colors and backgrounds
• Administration Panel allows for easy management of the application
• Manage mobile application, menu top bar, and import/export features
• Support for 9 different languages and template files for other translations